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XfinityTask is an all-in-one, cost-effective workforce management platform designed to help businesses streamline processes, optimize workflows, and boost productivity.

XfinityTask offers a consolidated SaaS solution that includes Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Finance, Tickets, and Payments. Why manage multiple tools when you can have everything you need in one integrated platform?

Simplify Your Business: Businesses often juggle multiple SaaS solutions to meet various needs. XfinityTask simplifies this by putting you in control of every aspect of your business through a single login on a unified platform.

Cost-Effective: Unlike other companies, we don’t charge per user. Our pricing is tailored to your company’s size and specific requirements, without hidden fees for additional features.

Comprehensive Solution: XfinityTask offers a consolidated SaaS solution, combining Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Finance, Tickets, and Payments all in one place. Why use multiple tools when you can have everything you need in a single platform?

The Sub-Domain feature of XfinityTask allows you to create a personalized online presence for your company. With this feature, you can customize your login URL with your company’s name, resulting in a URL like ““. This branding not only enhances your company’s identity but also provides a tailored user experience for your employees and clients. We’re excited to assist you in optimizing your business with this feature!

XfintiyTask is currently offered in 3 affordable packages, which are:

To know more about each package, the number of users and other details, visit our pricing page Here.

You can upgrade your plan at any time and will be only required to pay the difference. You can do this logging into your company sub-domain dashboard and going to your Settings and clicking the Billing -> click on Upgrade Plan button.

We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards for online payments. Additionally, we offer the option of offline payment for your convenience.

No, there are no hidden or additional fees. Our subscription comes with a fixed price, billed either annually or monthly according to your chosen payment plan. This price includes all the features mentioned in your selected plan. You can enjoy our services without any unexpected costs.

Certainly! You can sign up for a free account today, and you also have the option to access a 14-Day Free Trial on any of our paid packages. If you have more questions or need assistance, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here to help!

The signup and account activation process is swift and efficient. After confirming your registration and company email, it takes less than 30 seconds to register your sub-domain and activate your account.

Maximize your business potential with our All-In-One ERP solution.

Tailored for Startups, Small Businesses, and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Our SaaS platform seamlessly integrates cloud office tools for HRM, CRM, Finance, Invoicing, Performance Management, Project and task Management, Leads, and Team Management.

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